What is Quick Thumbnail for?
Quick Thumbnail is an online image resizer to make the process of creating web ready and thumbnails a simple process.
Can I create multiple resized images at the same time?
Of course. This is one thing that makes this online image resizer better than most is you have the simultaneous generation of different sizes. Just select all the sizes you want and include a percentage resize if you like.
What else can it do?
Right now its just an online image resizer but I am open to suggestions so use the contact link below to send me an email.
How come its free?
Because most of the applications I write are either free or donationware. Its my way of giving back to a community that helped me become the developer I am. All support for this website is through the Google Ads.
What happens to my images on your website?
During the upload process the image filenames are changed to name like a1f6725d9ec72d00b6355az861806gc1.jpg. Each name is unique and virtually impossible to guess by another user. No copies of your images are kept. In fact the server cleans house every 10 minutes.
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